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  Es the future hold? ã‚â  by cora m. Sternberg, md 2) lessons learned from studies of chemotherapy in advanced tccã‚â  by christopher sweeney, mbbs 3) what is state of the art for surgery and peri-operative chemotherapy? By dean f. Bajorin, md wishingâ you the best, linda w. Neobladder 2/2002 date: â  â â â â â â â â â â â  fri, 20 mar 2009 21:53:32 -0400 from: â  â â â â â â â â â â  ruth mary pollack subject: â  re: rc or not rc linda w i want to compliment and underscore the two detailed and informative emails that you have contributed. If anything, it has been my experience these last 6 or so years on the blc cafe that people try and tend to be conservative in their advice, never interfering with medical opinions but educating and sharing when appropriate. My assessment is that overall there is sometimes too much encouragement and not enough hard ball. Bladder cancer is a dangerous and deadly disease. Medical science is trying to find ways to cope and cure but still, too many people lose the battle. Recently i had an appointment with a urology specialist at yale assessing my yearly ct scan results. My rc took place five years ago. During our conversation, he made some stunning comments that i will share. Since i had gone through a year or so of bcg treatments, surgical removal of tumors and every three month close watching by the surgeon, this urologist asked me what precipitated my choice to have an rc. His comment was sad. He said the hardest part of his job is to convince people when the time has come, that their bladder needed to go. Then he gave me statistics: non invasive, with an rc we have an 85% chance of being around five years later. With muscle invasion, he said our chances drop to 50%, and with lymph involvement down to 20%. Then he concluded: people hang on to their bladders too long. Ruth mary hi linda, thanks for all those references. Maybe i haven’t read them right, but when i looked at all of the articles, non of them seemed to have any evidence that doing rc was better than not doing it. One was just assertive, not evidence based. The others were investigating what happened to those who had rc, not comparing them with those who didn’t have it. If i’ve misunderstood, my apologies. viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online buy generic viagra buy viagra buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra cheap viagra online Maybe i was wrong to expect something different, along the lines that of comparing two similar groups, one had rc and the other didn’t – and the one that had rc lived longer. Ian ========================================================= superficial (pt2a) and deep (pt2b) muscle invasion in pathological staging of bladder cancer following radical cystectomy. [lxv] yu rj , stein jp , cai j , miranda g , groshen s , skinner dg. Department of urology, norris comprehensive cancer center, univer.

Tradisjon og nyskaping i tre

I mitt arbeid med tre ønsker jeg å formidle originalitet og kreativitet innenfor treskjæring og tredreiing.

safe place to order viagra onlineJeg jobber både tradisjonelt og nyskapende, og prøver å sette et personlig preg på produktene.

Jeg driver med allsidig trearbeid. Eksperimentering og utprøving er viktig, enten det gjelder mitt arbeid med mindre bruksgjenstander, gallerigjenstander eller store offentlige og private utsmykninger.

Det er et mål for meg å levere et produkt som er personlig, samtidig som det har en solid handverksmessig og kunstnerisk verdi.